With a creative mind, I create my own media, learning tools and games
and progression
as well as my assessment tools
when no specific manual is imposed.

The most important thing for me is to be able to help each person find the most appropriate way to develop their abilities.


I am originally from Nantes (North-West of France), i.e. I was born there.  Discover my city here. You might know the dry white wine Muscadet that people deeply enjoy with sea food as we're lucky to be only 50km far from the Atlantic coast.

Jardin des plantes de Nantes
Muscadet wine
L'éléphant des Machines de l'île
Place Royale à Nantes
L'araignée kumo à Nantes
Le PAssage Pommeraye à Nantes
Sculpture pour le voyage à Nantes
Le voyage à Nantes été 2017
Les anneaux de Daniel Buren
Clisson à 30mn de Nantes
Place Gralin

You may also have bought LU biscuits in your country like the famous Petit-Beurre.

Nantes belongs historically and culturally to Brittany, a former duchy and province, and its omission from the modern Brittany region is controversial.  

So when saying I'm from Nantes to French people from other regions, they would often tease me and ask if I consider myself as a Breton, or not, only to launch the debate.


I studied Foreign Languages at the University of Nantes and after completing my studies, I decided to broaden my horizons by going abroad to teach and learn other languages myself. And I'm still learning. Now I'm struggling with Hindi!


As I love languages, I studied English and Spanish for International Trade and Foreign Affairs and passed my MASTER LEA in 2001.

After that I started to teach Spanish during a few months in Nantes and an opportunity to work in Panama as a private tutor for a French family came up.

This was when I caught the travel bug.

I kept travelling abroad and discovered the FLE or French as Foreign Language in Eritrea at the Alliance Française.


It was such a pleasure to teach my mother tongue that I went for another MASTER in FLE, and really started my career in FLE.

9 -French classic lesson FLE.jpg


I have a 15 years experience for all levels and nationalities whether for private or professional use.

I had the chance to travel a lot and to face multiple cultural backgrounds.

I worked in Panama, Eritrea, the Comoros Islands, Carriacou in the Carribean and Hong Kong.

My experience is varied, I taught in different capacities at Alliances Françaises, International schools, Bilingual schools, French institutes and in corporate environments with a variety of public, adults, children, vocational training and academics.


On my return to France, having decided to put an end to my globetrotter’s life for family reasons, I extended my expertise into new technologies and in particular e-learning, which offers wonderful flexibility and adaptability to rhythms and needs.
It is also another way for me to travel while staying at home.



Why do I teach?


Because I love meeting new people from all over the world, learning about their traditions, cultures, personal interests or professions. I think I learn from my students as much as they learn from me.


I love following people as they learn a new language and, by doing so, achieve their wider goals (e.g. applying for a new job in France, talking to their French-speaking in-laws etc). It is very nice to help people progress* and watch them become more confident as a result.


*I've been teaching some of them for more than 7 years and other 10 years.


It’s a privilege for me to help students with their French.

For this reason, I always try to do my best and go the extra mile to help my students.

A bientôt sur Skype ! : )