A trial lesson lasts 30 minutes/the same person can book a trial lesson only once.

A trial lesson can be postponed/ rescheduled only once.

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Payment: full payment is required at the end of every month.

Cancellation: I understand that special circumstances are unavoidable and a cancellation may be necessary.

You can cancel and re-schedule by e-mail me or send me a text message if you have any questions or problems. Remember, any cancellation and/or rescheduling needs to be done no less than 24hrs before your lesson is due to start.

If you need to cancel whatever the reason (sickness, meeting, etc.) less than 24hrs before your lesson, you still have to pay for the lesson as it would be too late for me to give the time slot to someone else.

If I cancel a lesson, I will refund you or re-credit your student account.

Rescheduling/ Postponing: the same lesson can be postponed/ rescheduled only once without being charged.

Lateness: I will wait for you 15 minutes after the starting time of the lesson. Unfortunately, if you are late, the lesson will probably need to finish on time anyway. This is because I will likely have another student afterwards, so it simply won’t be possible to add on extra time at the end. Very rarely I might be running late, in which case I will contact to let you know as soon as possible. If I am able to, I will make up for lost time or, more likely, it can be added on to the next lesson.

No show: the lesson will be charged.

Lessons for your child: During the lesson an adult can stay in the same room to supervise and assist him/her with the technology if needed. The supervision of an adult is optional but recommended throughout the lesson.